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Depilation Wax Strips
Depilation Wax Strips

Depilation Wax Strips

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  • Hair removal wax paper.
  • Uprooted, lasting silky.
  • No roots, no thick, no black, no long.

Efficient body hair removal, easy hair removal, mild formula ingredients, effective skin care while removing hair, comfortable hair removal process.

All body parts, a tear to clean,Armpits, arms, legs,  backs, etc.

How to use:

1 put the wax paper on the palm of your hand and rub it back and forth for 5 seconds to make the wax soft

2 Tear the wax paper in half

3. Press and comb the hair according to the growth direction

4. Paste wax paper on the depilated part along the depilated direction, smooth and cling to the depilated part, and do not need to stay for too long after being pasted

5. Lift it 180 degrees against the direction of the hair, and do not tear it 90 degrees

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